The Silent Runner


He walked along these tracks
And though you couldn't see him
You knew he was watching you
Following You

There's a full moon in the sky
The man in the moon says hope
But you have got to turn around first
And you have got to face
The Silent Runner

For though you meant it well
He saw all the things you did
And he's got a better memory than you
Call it karma or call it law
Fate awaits you as you head eastward
You can be whoever you want to be
But you can never escape
The Silent Runner

This railway line leads to infinity
If you don't turn back you'll get nowhere
But trains don't reverse that way
You've gotta face what's inside
You've gotta face
The Silent Runner

If you want to live your life
The way you'd really like it
Open up let him in
You invited him
Nothing is complete until you've faced
The Silent Runner
You will not be free until you've faced
The Silent Runner