The Bacillus at the Hellfire Club

The Bacillus at the Hellfire Club was a prime example of how a band can come together and win over the worst of the worst happening - from the support bands blowing the PA and half of the drum kit being loaned to everybody else from one of the support acts being taken away as a consequence it didn't seem like the gig was actually ever going to be put on.

Then after a brief meeting something rare happened - and the gig went on, with a radio mic, too big to fit into the mic stand, connected to a bass amp was used for vocals, along with an empty beer keg for the bass drum and it's probably because of the current situation that the gig was actually a lot more rock and roll than their previous performances - something which is probably going to feature a lot more often in the near future.

Complete with human mic stands and improvised drums this was a gig which proved to show how sometimes a series of small accidents can lead to a major achievement.

Anyway, here's the photos from the night: